About Us


Meluvfood.com began it’s roots with our grandmother, Rosa Nelson. Rosa Nelson was fondly referred to as “Momma Rosie” by all that knew her.  Her house was a comfortable place, where loved ones gathered.  Endless number of warm meals, kind words, and advice were shared at her house. Everyone was welcomed at Momma Rosie’s, regardless of their upbringing, ethnicity, religion or beliefs, and differences. She believed that everyone who came into her house become a part of her family. These were the principle values that inspired our love for food.

It is with that spirit, we launched meluvfood.com. Our hope is that our website will bring together and unite all different types of people from around the world through their love of food. We believe that our forum will be a heartwarming haven where everyone can share recipes, ideas, and advice with those who are interested in the improving their culinary skills. Whether you are a Celebrity Chef, Professional Cook, or just a novice in the kitchen; you can proudly display and share with the world your culinary creations. In doing so, you will give us all an opportunity to learn and to expand our own ideas and creations.

Our company believes that through food we can share our unique experiences and viewpoints and altruistically establish a global friendship that’s powered by you, and all the members of meluvfood.com.

With that, we welcome you all to meluvfood.com and invite you to upload your recipes, pictures, and engage with one another within the forums. It’s time to show just how much me luv food!