10 Restaurant Trends That Are Now Making Eating Out Even More Exciting

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By: Kunal Lahori

Founder at Bazxar  


You’re so tired at work that you just don’t have the time or energy to cook dinner.  You’re Looking for an exciting new place to try with friends for your regular catch up. You’re looking to experience dining at a restaurant featured in Sony TV’s Weekend Out. Sound familiar? With plenty of established and newly opened restaurants today, how exactly will you choose the best dining establishment? Industry experts have provided some restaurant trends to watch out for that will make eating out more exciting.

10 Restaurants Trends to Watch Out for

1. Sharing Plates

Restaurants are now tapping into the geniality of the family meal by serving meals that are perfect for sharing. Indeed, sharing plates appeal greatly to those who want to get the most out of their dining-out experience.


Moreover, sharing plates spark a conversation, which is a perfect way to relax with your family, girlfriends, and co-workers, especially during gossip Sundays.


  1. Veggie-Forward Restaurants

Restaurants that treat vegetables as more than just side dish ingredients are becoming a trend because more and more people want to become healthy and fit. Often, they are looking for dining establishments that offer vegetable dishes that include items like broccoli, mushrooms  and Brussels sprouts.

3. Home-Made Beverages

Commercial sodas are among the unhealthy choices when it comes to beverages. As such, they are now being side-lined by home-made carbonated water and sodas. Not only are these concoctions more exciting for adults (and children) who don’t want cocktails or wine – they are eco-friendly and healthy as well. One such cocktail bar in Dubai is setting the bar higher, literally.

4. Turmeric Milk

Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and health benefits. This resembles fresh ginger, only smaller and with an intense yellow-orange flesh that gives curry blends their brilliant color. Turmeric milk, made by adding honey and turmeric to warmed milk, is now considered the best alternative to tea and coffee.

5. Ethnic Mashups

Diners are always looking for something new, so restaurants that offer an influx of fusion cuisine are becoming trendy. These may offer Mexican tacos filled with Korean kimchi, and pizza with curry sauce instead of tomato.

6. Cooking in an Open Kitchen

Customers want to know how chefs make their food. Merely seeing it on the menu is no longer appealing. Make dining experiences more exciting by building an open kitchen in the restaurant for customer viewing is also an excellent way of giving hungry diners a show while waiting for their meal.

7. Unique Interior Design

Enjoy a unique feel by visiting restaurants with an exceptional fitout that complements the nature of the food. This allows you to start your gastronomic journey the moment you walk through the door. Some dining establishments also have a space where you can relax or hang out while waiting for your food.

8. Hyper Local Sourcing

Restaurant gardens, ingredients from local farmers, and farm-fresh meats are becoming more prevalent. To retain control over origin, taste and cost, some restaurants create made-from-scratch signature items. This movement actually appeals to diners who want to eat “clean” with chemical-free ingredients.

9. Guest-Facing Technology

Make eating out an exciting experience by getting the most out of today’s technologies. If you dine out, use the new guest-facing technology to simplify the ordering experience. An increasing number of restaurants are now using tablets or kiosks to take orders. Some dining establishments are also offering apps to allow pre-orders as well as to monitor loyalty points. Surely, this is among the trends that diners will be very excited to try.

10. Purple Is the New Black

Purple on the plate is becoming popular, making this hue the new black. Purple foods (sweet potatoes, cauliflowers, asparagus, French beans, oregano and radish) are popping up everywhere because this vibrant hue indicates nutrient density and antioxidants. Some benefits of purple foods include helping you look younger, fighting diseases, and reducing inflammation.



Having studied in London and California, Kunal Lahori moved to the UAE three decades ago. Apart from having a notable interest in managing large scale commercial and retail real estate portfolios, he has a serious passion for food.


Kunal founded Bazxar in the DIFC. Social. Sophisticated. Grab and go. Stop and chat. A cuisine fired by passion, authenticity and above all, flavour – always flavour. Set within an award-winning design of steel, wood and brass that connects every eating space with the most exciting bar in the city, it looks, feels and tastes like nowhere else in Dubai. And every time you step inside, you’ll find there’s a new experience waiting for you.


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